Add A Mobile Call-To-Action Bar To Your WordPress Powered Site and Make More Money … Today!


Without any hype, here’s how our WP Mobile Contact Pro plugin works…

Our plugin automatically detects if the visitor is using their phone when visiting your website.

If the plugin detects they are using their phone, a call-to-action bar appears on the bottom of your site allowing that person to call or text you in 1-click.

Yes, in 1-click they can call or text you immediately.

It always appears at the bottom and will be there as the visitor scrolls. The text and colors of the bar are customizable.

If a visitor is not using their phone when visiting your site, the button will not appear, and your site will appear normal on both desktop and tablet.

Installing this plugin will instantly increase your business.

Why? Because it just makes sense…

People are lazy.

There are now zero obstacles for someone to overcome in order to call or text you.

They can literally do it in 1-click while their phone is in their hand.

They don’t need to open up their phone keyboard to enter your number in order to call you.

They don’t need to open up their text messages in order to send you a text
(hell, the initial text they send you is already written for them)

It works with Apple, Android, and even old-school phones.

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